Your first orthodontic visit is your opportunity to have specific questions answered and discuss your concerns. It also gives our doctors the chance to make a preliminary evaluation of the position of your teeth and jaws. The doctor will take time to discuss with you any current or anticipated problems and recommend if or when treatment is necessary.

If treatment is indicated, the next step is to gather diagnostic records.


The purpose of records is to provide information (in addition to the clinical examination) that allows our doctors to determine the complexity of the problem and develop a treatment plan.


Records typically include:


Plaster Models of the teeth so that we may analyze the exact tooth size, position, and relationship between teeth.

X-rays of the teeth and jaws (panoramic and cephalometric) to determine the jaw relations and the relationship of the teeth to the jaw bones, and to the face.

Photographs of your face and teeth to study facial balance and contour.


For your convenience and to expedite your visit to our practice, we have included the "New Patient Form" in this section.

You may fill out this form online and send it directly to us; or you may download or print the form and bring it filled out with you to your initial consultation appointment.  Please make sure you complete the form entirely and accurately.


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